Ralph Bryant and Roy Kataha

We’re fathers.
We’re happy.
…and we’re talking.
…and we’re coloured.
…so give us a high-five.


EP33 “Jesus And The Meaning Of Christmas”

1. Dinner date with Jill Scott for Ralph
2. $500 gift card for a needing family
3. 1 pound of cannabis for Roy’s 3 best friends
4. Lemonhead hair dye for Amber Rose
5. Antiviral (Woke) pill for the People

1. Hologram of Johnnie Cochran for Dr. Dre.
2. Amnesty for Black Republicans
3. A cunnilingus class for DJ Khaled
4. Sanity for Kanye West
5. Happy times for Drake

EP32 “Dealing With Haters”

1. Dinner date with Whoopi Goldberg and Jill Scott
2. Bugatti Xenos
3. 100k BFM subscribers
4. Gym membership paid for 1 year
5. 2-week tropical vacation

1. Tricked out Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
2. Obedience training and neutering for King
3. 100k books sold
4. 40+, blazin’, “yoga instructor”
5. A cruise around the world

EP31 “Dealing With Loss During The Holidays”

1. Than-a-lang
2. Who’s bringing the broccoli?
3. Hydroglyphic
4. Hooptie
5. Tendernoi

1. Coo Coooo!
2. ‘Bout that life
3. Pink lemonade
4. Bottom Bitch
5. Two in the pink, one in the stink

EP30 “Discounts Black People Want to See”

1. Rolex watches, iPhone, PS5, & Air Jordan
2. 50% off of groceries, medication, & liquor
3. Buy land in the Hood 50% market value
4. Luxury brands
5. $200 Black Friday card

1. Bill forgiveness
2. 2-for-1 lap dances
3. 100 on your credit score
4. All sports played
5. The day off

EP29: “God Forgives. Do You?”

1. Ludacris vs. T.I.
2. 50 Cent vs. The Game
3. Timbaland vs. Scott Storch
4. Eminem vs. Nick Cannon
5. Mariah Carey vs. Mary J. Blige

1. Biggie vs. Tupac
2. Jay Z vs. Kanye
3. Eminem vs. Mariah Carey
4. Li’l Kim vs. Nikki Manai
5. Beyonce vs. Rachel Roy/Keri Hilson

EP28: “Grow Through What You Go Through”

1. The Power of Forgiveness
2. Be Aware of the Company You Keep
3. Health is Wealth
4. Control Your Anger
5. Rest

1. Father Leaving
2. Having Kids
3. Stand in Your Shit
4. Respect a Woman’s Pleasure
5. Being Down Doesn’t Mean Your Out

EP27: “Keep Hope Alive and the Election”

1. Timbaland
2. Beyonce
3. Andre 3000
4. Sean “Diddy” Combs
5. Drake

1. Jay Z
2. Dr. Dre
3. The Neptunes
4. Li’l Wayne
5. Def Jam

EP26: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

1. Li’l Wayne and Baby Kiss
2. Mad Cow Disease
3. Joseph Kony
4. Ebola
5. Who Killed Dr. Sebi?

1. Did Michal Jackson Molest Children?
2. Why Did SADE Disappear?
3. OJ Simpson is Khloe Kardashian’s Father
4. What Happened Between Jay and Dame?
5. Who Killed Biggie and Tupac?

EP25: “The U.S. Election”


1. Kit Kat
2. Smarties
3. Mr. Big
4. Mars
5. Coffee Crisp


1. M&M’s
2. Robin Eggs
3. Twix
4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
5. Twizzlers

EP24: “Confronting Fear”


  1. Candyman
  2. Pennywise
  3. Ghostface
  4. Annabelle
  5. Leatherface


  1. Freddy Cruger
  2. Pinhead
  3. Hannibal Lecter
  4. Xenomorph (Aliens)
  5. Scary Lady in the Blacula trailer

EP23: “Finding Your Higher Purpose”

EP22: “What The F%$k Did You Say?”


  1. Snorkeling/scuba diving
  2. Play golf to network
  3. Hang gliding
  4. Climb a mountain
  5. Fly a plane


  1. Swimming
  2. Invest in the Stock Market
  3. Buy a house
  4. Kayaking
  5. Travel

EP21: “Boys In The Woods”


  1. Weekly Sip of Moet or Hennesy
  2. No Taxes
  3. Allowed to Drive Without a Licence
  4. Increase Percentage of Corporate Hiring
  5. $500 Grocery Budget for Low Income Citizens


  1. Cookout at the White House
  2. Replace Clarence Thomas with Judge Faith
  3. Free College
  4. Al Sharpton appointed as Secretary of Nigga Affairs
  5. Reparations – 40 Weed Plants & a Mules Weight of Liquor

EP20: “18 Years Of Parenting


  1. Barack Obama vs. Bill Clinton
  2. Princess Dianna vs. Mother Teresa
  3. Nelson Mandela vs. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  4. Mohammad Ali vs. Mike Tyson
  5. Prince Charles vs. Jay Prince


  1. Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump
  2. Jesus vs. Mohammad
  3. Michael Jackson vs. Prince
  4. Kanye West vs. Jay Z
  5. Labron James vs. Michael Jordan

EP19: “WTF TikTok?”


  1. LMNG – Let My Nigga Go (Resource to help get a loved one out of jail)
  2. Flirty Girth – (black woman searching for black men)
  3. Slim Thick Flik (Black film site)
  4. Jebediah Freeman GPS (For Black procrastinators)
  5. Click Clock (Protection)


  1. Thema (“Good Times”-themed GPS)
  2. Ankle Breakers (Resource to find local basket players)
  3. Bottles (Find deal on bottle services)
  4. New Names (“Borrowing” nemes to pay bills)
  5. 1-800-Be-The-Bitch (Personal protection)

EP18: “Hypocrites And Accountability”


  1. King T’Challa
  2. Killmonger
  3. Jessica Alba
  4. Luke Cage
  5. Hancock


  1. Blade
  2. Storm
  3. Nick Fury
  4. Misty Knight
  5. Spawn

EP17: “The Cookout from Hell”


  1. Head of the KKK
  2. Head of the BBC
  3. Owner of Starbucks
  4. Head of Netflix
  5. Gas Industry


  1. NBA Commissioner
  2. Head of CNN
  3. Head of the Oscars
  4. Head of the World Bank
  5. Head of L’Oréal

EP16: “The Audacity of Dreams”


  1. Kim Kardashian
  2. Seth Rogen
  3. Angelina Jolie
  4. Gary Owen
  5. NBA 2K


  1. Michael Rapaport
  2. George Clooney
  3. Bryce Dallas Howard
  4. Jimmy Fallon
  5. Adam Silver

EP15: “Kids & the N Word”


  1. Becky with the Good Hair
  2. Mayo
  3. Casper
  4. Karen
  5. Snow Bunny


  1. Cracker
  2. Honky
  3. People of Non-Color
  4. Melanin-Challenged
  5. Whitey

EP14: “Take ‘Em Back To School”


  1. The 1st Black President – Barack Obama
  2. The Jackson Five
  3. Love Yourself
  4. Worldwide Black Culture
  5. Black Hair Is Beautiful


  1. The Middle Passage
  2. Hip Hop – ’85-’95
  3. Pyramids of Giza
  4. The Underground Railroad
  5. March On Washington

EP13: “Insane in the Membrane – Confronting Mental Illness”

EP12: “Stop Shooting Black Queens in the Pinky Toe”
Ralph and Roy discuss black men doing dumb s%&t to women, why Jill Scott is one of the hottest women in the game, and pay homage to the great John Lewis, and Della Reese and Megan Thee Stallion’s pinky toes, and discuss black people that should return from the sunken place.


  1. Akon
  2. Tiger Woods
  3. Stacey Dash
  4. Gayle King
  5. Doja Cat


  1. Whoopi Goldberg
  2. Sanaa Lathan
  3. Kanye West
  4. Kyrie Irving
  5. Azealia Banks

EP11: “WTF Is A Life Partnership?”
Ralph and Roy discuss Will and Jada’s “Red Table Talk” and try and answer what a life partnership means to them, they will pour some out for Ralph’s old hair line, and they debate the nastiest things that black people eat.


  1. Chitlins’
  2. Chicken feet
  3. Moonshine
  4. Pork snout
  5. Cow tongue


  1. Beer
  2. Snuff
  3. Pork rinds
  4. Ackee and Saltfish
  5. Liver

EP10: “Replacing the Confederate Statues”
This week on Black Fathers Matter, Ralph and Roy put the greatest Black people on statues, Ralph sings a new version of O’Canada, and they discuss how to talk about history with their kids.


  1. Jay Z, Madison Square Garden
  2. Nelson Mandela, Zimbabwe
  3. Kendrick Lamar, Wakanda
  4. Nipsey Hussle, Staples Center
  5. Kobe Bryant, Belonia, Italy


  1. Oprah Winfrey, Washington Mall
  2. Barack Hussein Obama, Kansas
  3. Mohamad Ali, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  4. Black Panther, Oakland, CA
  5. Harriet Tubman, White House

EP09: “The Talk”


  1. Legalized Cannabis
  2. Other Black People
  3. Hip Hop Concerts
  4. Public Assistance
  5. Legal Age of 18


  1. Free Health Care
  2. Caribbean food choices
  3. The Toronto Raptors
  4. Toronto R&B
  5. Roy

EP08: “Blackety Black Ass Black Names”


  1. Winston
  2. Diamond
  3. Darius
  4. Precious
  5. DeShawn


  1. Laquonda
  2. Shaquille
  3. Keisha
  4. Shaniqua
  5. Andre

EP07: “Father’s Day: The Stepchild of All Holidays”
Ralph and Roy talk about why Fathers Day is the Stepchild of all Holidays, confirm that oxtail gravy is the ONLY gravy, shout out to Steve Francis, review the most disgusting moment in reality TV history, and break down their perfect Fathers Day celebration.


  1. Location: Chillin’ in Jamaica
  2. Listening to: Bob Marley
  3. Eating: Jerk chicken with oxtail gravy
  4. With your kids: Chill on the beach and watch the sunset
  5. By yourself: Watch standup comedy


  1. Location: A yacht in Sardinia
  2. Listening to: Jill Scott “Take A Long Walk”
  3. Eating: Seafood
  4. With your kids: Hiking
  5. By yourself: Watch a classic movie

EP06: “Why We Love Our Kids

EP05: “Why Do Some White Folks Hate Us?”


  1. D. L. Hughley
  2. Dave Chappelle
  3. Trevor Noah
  4. Martin Lawrence
  5. Whoopie Goldberg


  1. Dick Gregory
  2. Richard Pryor
  3. Chris Rock
  4. Paul Mooney
  5. Wanda Sykes

EP04: “Little Black Lies”


  1. Biggie Smalls
  2. Nipsey Hussle
  3. Nate Dogg
  4. Prodigy
  5. Pimp C


  1. DJ Scott La Rock
  2. Jam Master J
  3. J Dilla
  4. Ol’ Dirty Bastard
  5. Sean Price aka Ruck from Heltah Skeltah

EP03: “The Last Dance And Entertainment With Your Kids”


  1. Chicken drumsticks
  2. Salmon
  3. Mac and cheese
  4. Burgers
  5. Buns


  1. Ribs
  2. Chicken thighs
  3. Watermelon
  4. Burgers
  5. Buns

EP02: “JWB (Jogging While Black)”

EP01: “Shit We Didn’t Learn From Our Fathers”

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